It’s time to invest in an eGrowth Marketing Plan when you know you’re not reaching your potential sales. When your business needs a disruption. Sales are lagging when competition is growing. When eGrowth Marketing can create a dynamic, strategic sales direction.

Let’s compare sales outcome to tracking and handling phone calls. Do you know a company that says, ‘We have this thing called a computer sitting on the desk. It gets and email every now and then. If someone happens to be walking by at the time, we try and answer.’ No business in their right mind would communicate with their existing and prospective customers like that. So the question is, what emails aren’t you answering?

Our eGrowth Marketing Plan is designed to give you more complete picture of the current state of your business’ marketing reach as well as effective strategies tailored to you.

Monthly Marketing Analysis

There are more avenues than ever before to reach out to your audience. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help you figure out where you are and where you should be. The eGrowth Marketing Analysis takes an in depth look at the health of your business’ web properties and listings, search engine ranking, social media presence, and reporting. We conduct a thorough SWOT Analysis to complete a broad picture of the reach of your business. And – we give you the analysis to make sense of it all.

The eGMP Analysis Plan encompasses a range of SEO, SEM and Strategic Marketing monthly.  

Strategic analysis of Google Analytics.

Strategic analysis of Social Media.

Strategic analysis of competition.

SEO pieces including Google listing review, back link checking and directory check.

Keyword analysis and competitive keyword reporting are completed for use in website content and digital advertising.

Monthly Marketing Analysis with Social Media Management

When your business needs a kick, an eGrowth Marketing includes social media content direction with optional management. Social media is a skill to engage audience, find new prospects and reach beyond the existing demographics. We find its a key to success to reach beyond the business demographic into the fringe audiences that can be cheaper to reach in social media.

Effective use of social media can give you a fresh image, excite existing customers and find new customers in a cost efficient channel.

The eGMP add social media management to monthly work. 

eGrowth Marketing can create new strategies to make social media work. New content may include contests, surveys, and social media posts to energize customers.

Strategic Business Plan

eGrowth Marketing is capable of building a new plan for your marketing needs. Includes a complete marketing plan with analysis of existing marketing, new marketing direction recommendations and specific goal setting guide lines.

One time project.

eGMBP is a complete strategic plan to disrupt your existing business to change direction to new marketing success. 

Marketing plans are created with sales goal setting.

Advertising campaign suggestions. Including suggested channels and budget suggestions.

New digital ideas. eGrowth Marketing has a lengthy list of ideas we check off to viability and specific vendor suggestions for easier deployment.