Nexadental, AfterNexadental originally approached us for social media help, but it quickly became apparent that the entire brand and marketing direction of Nexadental was at a marketing turning point.

Nexadental and sister company, Orthoquest, are a combined wholesaler of dental supplies internationally. Their centerpiece product, QBrush is a consumable dental product with multiple sales channels.

The first major step was developing a strategic marketing plan. Researching how to take Nexadental away from products that supported older technology – products their customers were buying less and less of. And – developing a new strategy to move Nexadental’s product mix into more high profit and quicker sales channels.

One major step was to redevelop the logo for Nexadental. The challenges included selecting colors for a professional dental audience and translates to their patients. Another challenge is the photos they use tend to be medical equipment or equipment in use (mouth shots), so the colors had to stand up and compliment their product offerings. The colors were chosen with color research, competition research and talented design. The teal is a common medical color matched with the orange gave Nexadental a fresh new look that appeals to their audience. Their in-house graphic designers found with use over time that the colors chosen are flexible for all uses. They have changed the complimentary colors based on season and use successfully and easily.

During the strategic planning process key areas of need were identified. Strategic plans were developed. And, implemented by eGrowth Marketing were appropriate.

  1. There was no SWOT analysis of the company or its competition.
  2. Logo and marketing approach was dated.
  3. Website was brochure only and needed to move to ecommerce.
  4. Sales force was evaluated and trained.
  5. Manufacturing and private labeling were expanded.


Nexadental, Before